Moody Monday: Shy Face of a Child

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The greatest canvas of emotion is the human face, especially the face of a child.  Images that capture emotion tell a story.  Even if the viewer does not know the actual story, the imagination creates one as a response to the image.  The story may be a memory of personal experience, or perhaps the story is spontaneously created.

In this particular image, nearing the end of the photo session and nearing bedtime, the child was getting tired.  He just wanted to snuggle up on a lap and retreat.  His shyness was showing more than his bubbly playfulness seen  just a bit earlier in the session.  He’d had a lot of fun, had been such a great kid to shoot, and now it was time to wrap it all up.

There is something in the experience of being human that likes stories; we are drawn to them.  Stories of our lives, stories that allow us to escape our life briefly, stories that inspire, and stories that convey emotion.  Photographs that tell a story, a personal story, are powerful.

Crouse Photography would like to help you to immerse yourself in the story of your own life and the lives of those you love.  Contact us today to schedule a portrait session or for fine art photographs.

Do you have a picture that tells a great story?  Please share the photo and/or the story of it, and what it means to you.

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