Sensational Saturday: Candy Ice Cream

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Although I like to eat ice cream at any time of year, people tend to eat more of it during warmer weather.  Our forecast shows warmer temperatures this coming week, so ice cream seemed appropriate for today.  Is there anyone who does not like the taste, the creaminess, and the chilling sensation of eating ice cream?  The variety of flavors, which include bacon, is enough reason to eat ice cream, but perhaps its best feature is its malleability.  You can mix in and top it with an even greater variety of flavors.  Our go-to ice cream fixings include candy and nuts.  First freeze the candy, any kind works, and then chop it up.  Chop some nuts up too, and, again, any kind works.  The chopped candy and nuts freeze well so that they are always on hand and easy to use.  Drizzle some of your favorite flavored syrup on your favorite flavor of ice cream, add the chopped candy and nuts, and you have an easy dressed up dessert.  Of course, there are so many other toppings you can add as well.  Be creative and enjoy!

Other favorites to have on hand are photographs of loved ones and loved locations.  Contact Crouse Photography today to schedule an appointment for portraits or for some fine art photography.




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