Whether Weather

There is always weather.  Any time of day on any given day, there is weather out there.  Some of it we like and some we don’t.  Some of it our camera likes better than other kinds of weather.  Weather is hardly ever an excuse for not taking photographs.  There are exceptions such as when weather poses safety hazards, but even then you will find some people out in the worst weather trying to capture that weather on film (storm chasers come to mind).

There is gear for people and gear for your camera.  Gear keeps you and your camera equipment warm and dry, cool and shaded, depending on your needs.  Make sure that you have the proper gear when heading out.  Simple things that don’t really require purchasing special gear is using your jacket.  When it’s chilly out or downright cold, the jacket keeps me and my camera warm, extending the charge of the battery while I’m out.  It’s important to know that cold weather saps your battery.  Of course there are camera and lens jackets that have built-in pockets for heaters.  I happen to have a camera duck (one brand of such gear) but I have yet to use the heaters with it.

Weather provides a vast array of photo opportunities, from sunny days to frigid nights.  Different weather provides different light, different shadows, different textures – all photography treasures.  When you look at the window, I don’t ever want to hear you say, “It’s not a good day for taking photos.”  Find ways to capture whatever the weather or to work around the weather circumstances.  Embracing the weather will assist in expanding your horizons and teaching you to work a photo, one that you might otherwise have walked away from.

This morning I was blessed with faded frosty fog.  Here is one image from my outing this morning.  Let us know what kinds of weather you have been shooting in and what images you’ve taken.

Crossing the Fog

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