366 Photography Project

This year, 2012, has 366 days, hence the change in the project title.  The idea is to be devoted and disciplined, and to take a photo, at least one, every day.  They say that it takes 10,000 hours of actually doing something to become proficient at it.  The 366 Photography Project is one way to help those hours add up.  Consistently taking a photo each day will exercise a range of skills.

New pathways are developed in the brain when you learn new behaviors and perform them regularly.  Your fingers will automatically know which button to push, which dial to turn and in what direction.  The actions used in taking each photo reinforce the learning of your particular camera.  Routinely thinking about your white balance before you shoot, will make it something that you automatically do instead of something that you forget about.

Taking a picture each day will also train your eyes and thinking process.  You will become more discerning of light, of your environment and the elements in it, and of photo opportunities you may not have noticed previously.

As you make this practice a part of your daily activities, you will talk about it, and new opportunities will open.  People will ask you to take photos of them, their event, etc.  People will want to share their own photo experiences with you and your support group will increase.

At the end of the year, you will be able to look through your collection and notice with pride the progress you have made in your photography skills.  You will have enough photos from which to choose your best and exhibit or make into a book.

If you participate in the 366 Photography Project and post your photos online, please share your link.  I am better at taking a photo every day than I am at posting them, so I will only share here an occasional photo from my 2012 Project.  Here is my first one, a picture of my bike: Fatboy Lo.Fatboy Lo


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